– Our Mission –
To provide the best brands on the market.

Softproject has chosen to specialize in stylish, smart and practical products that can quickly solve those everyday problems. Our products are not only good looking, or just smart; they have to be both! The range spans over a wide array of products of different styles – from accessories for iPhone, iPad, Andriod to smart gadgets. We dare say that we have something that should fit in almost any store, regardless of the target audience.

However, what would we be without our resellers? Therefore, we aim not only to always deliver the best products, but also to offer the best possible service.

Our goal is that our customers perceive us as a distributor that:

• Delivers relevant and easy to sell, high-quality products.

• Finds a solution to the problems that may arise.

• Works actively with marketing, and PR for your particular store.

• Continuously offers new exclusive products and brands.