Softproject is a rapidly growing European tech-accessories distributor based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are continuously searching for new premium brands that are able to think outside the box and create cutting-edge products. Products you might not even know that you need – until you see them.

We are the official distributor in Europe, and our region (Eastern Europe), for 15 premium brands which are focusing on Apple accessories. Softproject’s core value is to be much more than a box mover, so a massive effort is put into brand building, PR, carefully selecting the right resellers for each brand etc. Our brands is our passion!

We operate within the different European region where we reach approx 1 000 reselling points, ranging from small design-focused stores to all APRs to very large tech-heavy retail chains, both physical and web based.

Welcome to Softproject and a cooperation that will help you stay ahead of the competition!