Softproject offer includes a wide range of products, from accessories for iPhone, iPad, Android to smart gadgets. 

The goal that we at Softproject constantly pursue is network uniqueness, stylized and innovative products with which our customers complement and upgrade their own offer, with which enabling their customers to find a solution to even the most unusual desire within a diverse selection.

Our offer

With us, every reseller finds something interesting to sell regardless of the target group of customers who visit it.

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We control distribution

We surpass the traditional frames and swearing on the difference in the range of our offerings make us competitive on the European market. That is why we are not passive in creating the distribution offer, but we are constantly monitoring global trends – we also dare to create them.

We already work with more than 1000 points of sale throughout Europe, from fashion stores to Apple Premium Resellers and large retail chains that sell either live or online. We are constantly expanding our network.

We are aware that fast and reliable delivery routes – from the manufacturer to the final destination, are an important part of the distribution service and crucial for concluding successful deals and forming long-term partnerships. We are constantly demonstrating this awareness through business practice.

Efficient logistics

Efficient logistics in our company enables complete control over the entire process, and the continuous transfer of information, knowledge and skills between employees is a guarantee for solving any problem that may arise in the process.

We grow with you

Because we don’t want to be just package reloaders, we at Softproject put a lot of effort into developing the brands in our distribution offering.

All our suppliers are therefore very carefully selected.

We work with several manufacturers in China, all of whom have previously committed themselves to meeting the high quality assurance requirements of each product which is then placed on the market through our channels.

We also pay special attention to choosing the right reseller that will present a particular product to the end customer. In addition to offering him an above-standard product for sale, we also provide him with quality support services.
Admittedly, we live for our brands!

Guarantee for success

At the company, we believe that both technological and work processes are a living entity that can be constantly changed and adapted.

Exclusive news

The company believes that both technological and work processes are a living entity that can be constantly changed and adapted.

More than 10 years of experience in the distribution and logistics sector. The employees in our company are constantly upgraded with additional education and training for marketing, development, quality and logistics, as well as constant updating and optimization of technology and work tools in their work and work processes.

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